Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving 2010!

I hosted Thanksgiving this year for 26 family members.  We had a lot of fun, and since I am not a big cook, my MIL offered to make the Turkey, and I volunteered to decorate.  At the last minute (3 days in advance) my friend encouraged me to brine the turkey with her recipe.  She helped and did most the work since I hate to touch raw meat.

Doesn't it look pretty while brining? Soaking in apple juice, oranges, and a lot of fresh herbs.

After an hour of cooking we pulled out the turkey and wrapped it with bacon.  I am so happy I did not burn it, it came out really juicy.

This is a cornucopia I put together for my head table.  I used Martha Stewart glitter on some of the vegetable to accent them.  We nicknamed the Turkey "red neck."

Dessert table set-up.  Valerie hand made all the mini-apple pies and they were delicious.  Poor thing was up until 3am the night before making 26 pies.  Each guest took one home.

This wreath was extremely easy and inexpensive to make.  I made two for the front doors.
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