Sunday, August 30, 2009

Scotch ATG Gun

I finally caved and bought the ATG gun from, Framing Supplies, since they had it the cheapest. I am such an online shopper for the lowest price, and everyone was talking about FS, but I thought it may be out there cheaper, but they had it lower than even Sam's Club.

So far I am loving. It really does last a while, and since I bought an entire box of tape hopefully it will encourage me to keep scrapin and card making.
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New Pink Cricut....

I am so HAPPY, because I got the new PINK Cricut yesterday!!! My luck I thought it would be sold out, since it's a limited edition, and this past week it was on sale at Michael's. I wanted to call around first, and the first store I called closest to my home had it. Now my husband feels I should sell my old Cricut, but I always feel weird selling used items. So if anyone is interested I do have the Cricut Expression, that is about a year old.

I just had to post some pictures since it matches perfectly to my room.

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Banner of Happy Birthday and Double Trouble

So I decided I should show a couple things I have made. Please note my camera is not the best, and it's difficult to show the entire banner since it was a little long. The first banner I made was for Nasim's surprise birthday, it said "Happy Birthday."
After Michelle saw it she asked if I could make one for her friend's baby shower that could say "Double Trouble" since her friend was having twin boys.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Scrapbooking Room

So I am finally posting the pictures of my pink scrapbook room. Well it started off as "our office" and one day I had the brilliant idea to paint it pink since that is my favorite color, and from there it turned in to my "my scrapbook room." It's just so cheery and happy, and I feel you can be more creative when you look around and it's so bright. I love that is matches my pink laptop, pink phone, pink iPod, pink camera and so much more. Can you tell I am obsessed with pink?

This light is extremely bright and I love it
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