Thursday, May 19, 2011

Biome Ocean Project for Kids Elementary Class

My little friend is in 1st grade and had to do an ocean project in a box.  She chose to do it in a bankers box to give her a little more room.

I helped cut out the sea life animals using Life is Beach cartridge on my Cricut.  After cutting out all the die cuts, we ran them through the Xyron and then added all the different colors of Martha Stewart glitter.

I think she did a wonderful job putting together her project....(I know she must have the best project in class)

She then hung most of the fish and seahorse from fishing line to make them swim.

Shark, dolphin, octopus, crab, fish, seahorse, sun, waves, coral, seaweed, starfish, shells, clam, real rocks, and cotton balls for clouds

Love the way she leaned the octopus, and starfish on a real rock

Little crab with googly eyes, looks like Sebastian from Little Mermaid 

Placed a Martha Stewart pearl in the shell to make it look like a clam

Pink seahorse
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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Welcome Baby Summer!!!

It's official I am now an Aunt to baby Summer.  She was born May 14th, and is absolutely adorable.

Here is a little flower bouquet I made out of See's lollypops.

Foam, lollypops, flower pot

Added tissue paper to flower pot

Added ribbon, "Baby Girl" stickers to lollypops, and flowers (you can't see them)
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Monday, May 9, 2011

Handmade Happy Mother's Day Cards

Here are two cards I made for Mother's Day yesterday.  One was for my Mom, and the other for my mother in law.

Flower was made using Cricut cartridge Mother's Day Bouquet
I then sprayed Tattered Angles  Glimmer Mist, then scrunched them to make them look more realistic, then used my quilling tool to roll in the ends.

I card lifted the idea from "Color Inspiration" magazine from designer: Windy Robinson.  I chose to make the roses yellow since they are my MIL favorite color.  This was such a great idea and very easy to make.

Final size 5.5" square
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Update of the Baby Clothes Rolled Into Bouquet

I went over to my SIL to check out her adorable nursery, and she still had the clothes rolled into the flower bouquet so I took some pictures.

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