Monday, September 28, 2009

More Handmade Cards

It's been a really busy couple of past weeks, I went to multiple concerts in a row first I saw AC/DC, so  glad I got to see them. Then when I was there people out front offered my husband and I free tickets to Def Leopard and Poison (see Brett Michaels above) , when I arrived to claim my tickets at the box office they offered us 2nd row, and it was amazing. Third I saw LMFAO, my new favorite band, and when we were there my friends and I took a picture with the one of the lead singers.  After all that I went to Vegas for the weekend for my brother g/f 21st birthday. Things are finally going to settle down, so I can have more time to create...well hopefully.

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Card using Wild Card

Wild Card was used for the word HB, and the cupcake and Accent Essentials for the circle and scalloped. I used the Cuttlebug as well.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Scrapbook Layouts

I can't believe it's already September, where has this year gone? It's dry and hot outside, and that means California wild fires. Luckily my husband was not sent out on the forest fires, but 3 of the engines at his work has been so he is now stuck at the station working OT. Oh well, the life of a firefighter and wife ;) I am so proud of him, and how courageous, and the way they put their lives on the line for everyday people. I just had to make a small comment since that is on my mind....

Now onto some of my recent scrapbook layouts. This past Christmas my mom bought me the cutest pink Sony camera, and she even had my name engraved...anyways, since day one it has taken the worst pictures. This is my 2nd Sony camera, and this is the 8.0 meg pix, and for some reason my old one that was only 5.0 took 10X's better pics. Of course Sony can't find anything wrong with it, so for now I tried my best in PS, but since I am a beginner, and I have no clue what I am doing this was my best. Hopefully I will buy a new camera soon. My brother's friend is a professional photographer for BMX rider and I need to get his advice on a new camera.
Hope you all enjoy my babbling, and onto the layouts.

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